How Often You Need to Clean Everything in Your House

Let’s be honest, the moment kids arrive in the household, our cleaning standards drop a notch or two.

It’s not because we are lazy or like to live in squalor. It’s more that time is restricted around our baby’s needs. And when you do have a moment to yourself, the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning the house. But we do it because it helps our sanity.

When the babies grow into toddlers, the cleaning is constant. The house turns into disarray as your toddler becomes hell-bent on emptying every cupboard in the kitchen, and their room oh and the bathroom too where they find a big tub of cream they decide to smear all over the floor and literally any surface they can find.

Keeping a house clean when you’re a parent is a tough gig.

Good Housekeeping have advised how often certain areas of the house need to be cleaned. If you’re particularly anal about cleaning everyday, you may be overdoing it. And if you don’t particularly clean that much, this handy guide might motivate you into creating some cleaning routines. Or not.